Please Note:  We normally use this introduction page to tell the World about your Business.  However, as we do not know what your business is (yet!), we thought we'd use the space to tell you a little bit about ours....

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Your takeaway is fantastic and people need to know.  Why not tell the millions of people on the internet?

What we offer....
  • A very low price start up website to get you on the internet!  It will look very much like the website you are looking at now.  Have a look round and see...
  • Live on the internet within 24 hours!
  • One off payement, with no recurring charges and you don't pay until you're happy!
  • An introduction page to tell customers all about your business. We can even write this for you if you want!
  • A menu page giving potential customers access to your menu in their own home.
  • A contact page with details of your location (incl google map), details of your delivery services, opening hours etc..
Additional Services for a little extra...
  • Your own domain name e.g.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - get nearer the top of search engines like google
Why Bother?
  • Get ahead of your competitors -tell new customers you are there.  If you don't your competitors will!
  • Increase your income - if you can pick up just 10 new customers and they come back just 10 times a year you have just increased your turnover by £2000!
  • Don't lose out because a customer has lost your menu (again!) - paper menus get lost.  If a customer doesn't have your menu they are much more likely to order from a competitor who's menu they do have, even if they prefer your food.  Put your menu on line and its there for everyone to see.
  • Help people find you - let potential customers know where you are from their  homes or from their Blackberry's when they're on the way home and hungry!
  • Save money on advertising / promotional brouchures - don't waste money when you advertise by publisihing your full menu - just give them your website address in the advert instead - then they can see the menu on the internet for themselves.  Also, over time you will find you need less and less paper menus as customers simply won't need them any more.  

Being honest, this won't revolutionise your business but it
will maximise its potential.  Stay ahead of competitors, gain new custom and save on promotional costs.  Just think how 20% extra business would help!!!

All that for the price of 4 or 5 orders!!!!  How can you afford not to?